Saturday, July 07, 2007

hey darlings,

i'm currently located at Melbourne and will be taking a break from cream-indulge until i've settled in. i'll update as soon as i can! :)


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Friday, June 29, 2007

Its about accepting something new. Its about coping with change; turning the awkward into the refreshing. Its about embracing...

Wired adjustable bracelet concept was taken with full permission from Edynae.

Embrace I
SGD $13.00
US $8.50
reserved for gnuy_28
This bracelet is approximately 6cm in diameter and is adjustable. Made with black wire, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads and a fan charm.
Email me at to order.

Embrace II
SGD $13.00
US $8.50
reserved for gnuy_28
This bracelet is approximately 6cm in diameter and is adjustable. A silver one this time made with Czech glass beads, Swarovski crystals, a silver tassel and an angel charm. I love this charm so much and was saving it for something special. Isn't this piece a darling? :)
Email me at to order.

Embrace III
SGD $13.00
US $8.50
This bracelet is slightly smaller and measures approximately 5cm in diameter. Made with silver wire, black Czech pearls, flower beads and Swarovski crystals. This one is my favourite in the collection because it's so bold yet chic :))
Email me at to order.

Embrace IV
SGD $13.00
US $8.50
This black wired one measures approximately 6cm in diameter. This piece is delicate and sweet with flower and leaf charms, and Czech and Swaorovski beads.
Email me at to order.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summerlove will be updated over the week. Do scroll down to check for updates.
This will be my final collection before I fly off to Melbourne :)

Summerlove I

The first in the collection. Made up for handmade clay beads, jet black Swarovski crystals, pearls and white gold plated findings. Isn't this such a beauty? No remakes.
Email me at to order.

Summerlove II
This set took be a lot of patience to do up. Individually putting the tiny chipped Quartz stones together was really tedious, but satisfying nonetheless. This long necklace is made up of semi-precious stones, 24k gold-plated findings, and a carved abalone shell as the focal piece. The carved abalone shell is of a butterfly resting on flowers - very delicate and sweet. No remakes.
Email me at to order.

Summerlove III

A pair of earrings comprising of handmade clay beads and purple Swarovski tear drops. Yet another simple and elegant ensemble. :)
Email me at to order.

Summerlove IV
This pair is simple and fun. Great for a day outdoors. I absolutely love the unique ladybird clay beads :)
Email me at to order.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

updates soon :)

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

not for sale
This piece is the inspiration for the name of the colletion. It was made as a gift for a friend. I hope she likes it :)
I gave wiring a shot and wired the flowers in and completed the piece with Swarovski crystals and white gold plated rings. I've always been intrigued by wire crafters like Angelicious Creations and Edynae but never really wanted to give it a real shot because I respected them and didn't want to spoil the market with my inexperienced wiring work. Kudos to them for their wonderful wire working that we all love :))

Fairydust I
This piece was made with silver mirror charms that have a slightly antiqued finish to it, topped off with purple Swarovski crystals. It measures 5.5cm long excluding rhodium plated hooks.

Fairydust II
This piece is made with Quartz roses and bright red tear drop gems. I wasn't able to capture the brilliance of the red gems but if you enlarge the picture, you'll have a better idea of what I mean :) It measures 4.5cm long excluding rhodium plated hooks.

Fairydust III
Made with glass beads and pearls, this piece is dainty yet elegant. It measures 5.5cm long excluding rhodium plated hooks.

Fairydust IV
I am pretty into making mismatched earrings recently. I love how a mismatched pair is able to give your dressing a totally different flavour all together. This shoulder sweeping set is made up of Carnelian gems, a silver tassel and white gold plated findings. The longer side measures 11cm long excluding rhodium plated hook.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

This collection is dedicated to a friend who has stood by me and helped me through rough times even though I once walked out on her because of some miscommunication we had :)

Click on pictures to enlarge.
As usual, email me at should anything catch your eye.

Lynn I
A mismatched gold pair made of a unique fan charm, 14k gold findings, chains and hooks, and Swarovski crystals. The left side measures approximately 7cm long excluding 14k gold plated hook.

Lynn II
A really sweet piece made up of black glass beads with pink flower petals, topped of with dark purple beads and silver tassels. It measures approximately 8.5cm long excluding rhodium plated hooks.

Lynn III
I love the simplicity of this pair :) It's made up of melachite, Swarovski crystals and 14k gold filled findings. It measures approximately 4.5cm long excluding 14k gold plated hooks.

Lynn IV
I like how this pair is so oriental and classy. It'll spice up a simple outfit and take you from the office to the party. It measures approximately 5cm long excluding 14k gold plated hooks. Needless to say, this pair is a personal favourite :))

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Claire - an earring affair

It's the first update after a really long time because I simply lost the drive and inspiration to bead anymore. Ironically, the horrible situation at work has forced me to go back to beading to seek solace and comfort in my creations. And so here I am, with 11 new pairs of earrings. I named this collection Claire because of how ethereal and delicate the earrings generally are. And it's the only way they're linked. Claire, to me, is very princess-like, elegant and sweet in every way. Enjoy :)

Email me at should you find anything you like.

Claire I
This pair is made up of yellow clay roses and semi precious stones. Do note that due to the nature of semi precious stones, the swirls/patterns in the beads are not uniform. It's beauty lies in the simplicity of the combination.

Claire II
Made up of the same semi precious stones used in Claire I, coupled with rhodium plated rings and big, elegant white beads, this pair is suitable for the beach, work or club.

Claire III
This pair is made up of purple clay beads, rhodium plated rings and a variety of Swarovski crystals. It reminds me of everything royal and elegant.

Claire IV
This pair is made up of stunning green briolettes, rhodium plated rings and various beads. This is a personal favourite :)

Claire V
White-based tensha beads and maroon teardrops make this pair slightly oriental and glamourous still.

Claire VI
This pair is made of 24k gold plated angel charms and ribbon frame, together with pink Swarovski crystals.

Claire VII
Blue clay beads, Swarovski crystals, plastic beads and silver rings make this pair very dreamy. Match it with a long white dress and you're set for the seaside.

Claire VIII
This pair is made of white based tensha beads and red paper roses. I sold something similar last X'mas and decided to remake something similar just because it's so pretty.

Claire IX
Purple clay roses couple with clear teardrops make this combination very ladylike. I had to resist the temptation to keep this pair of myself haha.

Claire X
This pair is made up of pink jade beads, rhodium plated rings and faceted jet black beads. I really love the carvings on the jade, of which I wasn't able to catch on camera. I was reserving these jade beads for later because I couldn't seem to find inspiration to match it well enough. Tell me whether I did a good job now that it's done :)

Claire XI
I haven't come across a ballerina charm as pretty as this. It's 3D all round and extremely pretty. I matched it with pearls (the shape's oh-so unique isn't it) and blue glass beads. The glass beads took me forever to pick out - I was very particular about finding a pair of beads that were of similar size with pretty enough gold swirls in them. Because of the nature of the beads, no two beads are identical.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

cream-indulge is having a promotion. check out the slashed prices. i'm clearing old stock to make way for new ones. email me if you're interested in anything and i might be in a good mood to throw in free postage :))

purchase anything from Mazqueradee to have greater bargaining power haha.

jamie :)

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mazqueradee is cream-indulge's new sister site!

it won't kill to visit ya? :)
click on the banner to be relinked there.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

(click on image to enlarge)
image credit to jacq from Angelicious Creations.

Orchard Cineleisure basement 1
9 - 15 February 2007

cream-indulge's second bazaar at the same place but with new partners this time round.
collaboration between cream-indulge, Angelicious Creations, Cheryl Bianca and Earring Addict.

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18 going 19

fashion is love :)

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